Jump Now. Pay Later. Available In-store Only


All our photo and video packages are shot on new GoPro’s in full HD. The videos are edited by our team on your return ready for you to watch in our office before you leave. Your family can take advantage of our air conditioned viewing room to relive the experience with you. The files will then be transferred to you online by the end of the day.


Handy-cam photos and videos are shot by a GoPro attached to your instructors wrist. For a photo OR video package the cost is $130 per person. You can combine them for a discounted price of $180 per person for both photos and video.

Photo OR Video package $130 per person

Over 100 digital photos or a HD fully editied video of your skydive

Photo AND Video package $180 per person

Over 100 digital photos and a fully edited video of your skydive


Outside camera flyer photo & video $245

Capturing your jump from a different angle you will be accompanied by one our our professional camera men interacting with you during free fall for some unique footage.

The deluxe package $335

This package will include photos & video from both your instructors handy cam and an outside camera flyer. 2 fully edited videos and over 200 HD photos shot from 2 different angles.